What does it mean to Go Unfunded?

There is a method, a strategy, and plenty of mistakes to avoid when you're bootstrapping a business to success.

In the book Unfunded, Nick Carter offers a simple plan to help unfunded startups maintain a manageable cash-flow, bring a product to market, grow both the customer base as well as the feature-set—all without raising funds from outside investors. It's a difficult process, but not impossible. And, for those who endeavor and succeed, extraordinarily rewarding.

The unfunded method covers some crucial components to succeeding with your bootstrap startup:

  • Maintaining Cash-Flow
  • Incremental Product Development
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Growth & Exit Strategy

Addressing these topics head-on, the unfunded method helps entrepreneurs to chart a course for their business that will survive early-stage challenges and poise it for growth long-term. To learn more about going unfunded, get your copy of the Unfunded book today.